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Students in the spotlight

Whether in front of the audience or on the wings of the stage, Liberty North High School students are taking a larger starring role than ever in this year’s musical production of “Joseph and t…

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Thanksgiving wishbone comes from ancient roots

It’s the time of year to make a wish — not a Christmas wish. This holiday between the marketing blitzes of Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving, is wish-making time. All you need is a wishbon…

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Fish Market offers free Thanksgiving meals

Hospitality is not lacking at The Fish Market at the intersection of Missouri Highway 291 and Old 210 Highway. The place is reminiscent of old diners where everyone knows everyone and the warmth is found in more than just the soup of the day.

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Odds ever in favor of you enjoying this movie

“The Hunger Games” franchise comes to an end with this fourth and final movie based on the best-selling trilogy of books. I read the books before the movies came out and was one of the millions who loved them. The characters are rich and their plight utterly relatable, but the film versions of novels tend to disappoint readers, since two (or so) hours is never enough to give life to thousands of words. The “Hunger Games” movies have done better than most in recent memory at just that. I personally contemplate movies and books as separate works of art, each on their own merit, without overly associating them and will attempt to do so again with “Mockingjay Part 2,” after saying the following: this week’s release left the biggest gap between the words on the page and the images on the screen yet.

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